New Cyclosporine Assay

From 25 August 2020 the laboratory will move to a new cyclosporine assay. 

This change is being made, in part, because of reagent supply problems with the current assay.

The new assay is produced by Roche Diagnostics which means that cyclosporine will run on the main laboratory analyser.  The Roche assay is accurate (based on external QA data) and is significantly more precise than the current test.  Results agree better with ‘reference’ mass spectrometry methods.  Cross reactivity with a range of metabolites appears similar to that seen in the current assay (and for some metabolites cross reactivity is lower).  Our initial work up here indicates that for most patients values on the two methods agree well.

We will introduce the new test (with an appropriate comment) from 25 August 2020.  If you have any questions about this change please get in touch with the laboratory.